Joe Robach Supports Seniors with Scam Prevention Event

Joe Robach supported seniors in the Rochester community in December by hosting a free Scam Prevention event at the Gates Town Hall. To educate and support seniors, Joe Robach partnered with the New York State Attorney General’s Regional Office, Lifespan of Rochester and local law enforcement to help teach seniors how to protect their identity and to inform them about targeted scams affecting the elderly in our community.

“Far too often, our seniors become the target of credit card scams, sweepstakes scams, mail fraud, healthcare fraud and many other attacks on their identity and livelihood. I was pleased to be able to bring this free forum to seniors in our community and am hopeful that they took advantage of the great information we had to offer,” stated Senator Joe Robach in support of seniors in the 56th District.

This free event, sponsored by Joe Robach to support seniors in Rochester, brought a variety of groups together in a forum setting. Over 100 seniors attended to learn how to best protect themselves and their families from attempted scams and fraudulent schemes. In addition to presentations from the New York State Attorney General’s Regional Office, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Gates Police Department, seniors had the opportunity to interact directly with organizations who assist the elderly in a variety of ways.

“I am proud to be able to help people in our community protect what they have worked so hard for, and to ensure that they have the resources and knowledge they need in today’s technology-driven society,” said Joe Robach supporting seniors.