Joe Robach Encourages Seniors to Stay Fit

A health campaign in New York was inaugurated on April 6, in celebration of the National Public Health Week. The New York State health commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker initiated a statewide plan and fitness program for senior citizens in New York State. Physical activity plays a very important role in maintaining a balance between body and mind. The key to better health is some small activities you perform on daily basis such as walking and merely 15 minutes daily exercise can pose positive impact on health. Joe Robach has always encouraged seniors, along with the youth, to to work out daily and make it part of their routine A body in motion, stays in motion, and will continue to do so usually for that person’s entire life.
The New York State Prevention Agenda 2013-2017, mainly focuses on the key health improvement plans for decrease of obesity cases. In United States, cases of obesity and overweight will soon reached to epidemic size and considered to be the second leading cause of death. If believed to the reports then in New York, about 25.4 percent adults are obese and 35.9 percent people are suffering with the problem of overweight. Throughout his entire district, Joe Robach has worked with countless seniors to assist them with their physical fitness and continues to help people understand the importance of a healthy diet and fitness program. Here in Monroe County, many senior centers are now offering several fitness programs, many of which are designed to keep seniors in their homes for an extended period of time. Programs such as these save New York State taxpayers thousands and thousands of dollars each year. Each year New York spends millions of dollars on long term care, along with paying bills for seniors in assisted living facilities. Joe Robach wants to continue to educate seniors and help them understand how important fitness is to their everyday lives.