Joe Robach Making Seniors Aware March 3rd is the Deadline for Assessment Review

Today marks the last day a resident in the Town of Greece may schedule a meeting to contest their latest reassessment of their property.  Joe Robach wants to make sure all residents, especially seniors, are aware of this deadline.  If you are a resident in the Town of Greece, and feel the assessed value of your home is too high, please call 225-2000 to make an appointment with the assessment review board.  The Town Assessor is responsible for assessing all of the properties at a uniform % of current market value. The Assessor bases the assessed value on information obtained through Mass Appraisals conducted on all properties, as determined by market value.  Often times, Joe Robach will receive calls from residents, primarily seniors, who are upset at the increased assessment of their property.  This is why it is so important to contact the town if you are unhappy with their evaluation ofyour property.

The assessment process is performed to correct inequities that creep into the assessment roll. When this happens some property owners may be paying more than their fair share in taxes while others are paying less. A town-wide valuation update serves to equalize these inequities. As a result of assessment adjustments, some property owners may notice a change in the overall amount of taxes.

Here is a sample of how the review process works.:

  • Informal Hearing:  The Town of Greece will hold informal hearings to provide an opportunity for home owners to discuss their assessment. These hearings take place annually from January through March. Call the assessor’s office to make your appointment. In preparation for an informal hearing click here.
  • Formal Grievance Process:  For a formal review of your assessment, with the Board of Assessment Review, you will be required to complete and file a Form RP-524. Forms will be available at the Assessor’s Office in the Greece Town Hall (and online, after May 1st. To be assured of a timely appointment, your application should be filed three business days prior to Grievance Day, the fourth Tuesday of May, however may be submitted up to this date. Your form will be reviewed by the Board of Assessment Review (BAR), an objective body of officers empowered to hear and determine complaints in relation to assessments. You will be notified by mail of the BAR’s decision. You must file a Grievance in order to file a SCAR petition.
  • Small Claims Court:  If you are dissatisfied with the BAR decision, you may request judicial review with a Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) hearing officer. A Form RPTL-730 is on-line at as well as at the Assessor’s Office and the Monroe County Clerk’s office at 39 W. Main St. The Small Claims petition must be completed and filed within 30 days of the filed final assessment roll (usually July 1st) with the Monroe County Clerks office along with a $30 filing fee. You must also mail a copy of the filed petition within ten days to the following: Town Clerk, Town Assessor, County Treasurer, and the School District. You will be notified of a hearing date and location by the clerk of the Supreme Court. The hearing officer is directed by law to consider the best evidence in each case, and may order reduction in the final assessment or decide that it should remain unchanged.

For ALL of the above steps it is the responsibility of the home owner to prove that assessed value is incorrect.

Finally: here is a list of deadlines within New York State:

Exemptions Filing Date – March 1 (For all exemptions any and all paperwork filed with Town by 3/1).

Taxable Status Date – March 1

Tentative Roll Filed – May 1 (Preliminary assessment filed)

Grievance Day – 4th Tuesday of May

Final Assessment Roll Filed – July 1