Joe Robach Educates Seniors Regarding Their Medications and Staying Organized.

Senator Joe Robach understands how important it is for seniors to not only receive their medications, but to understand their options when it comes to making payments for those costly prescriptions.  Senior citizens make up the fastest growing segment of the population in our country today.  People are living longer than ever due to improvements in the medical field such as better medications.

Making sure seniors are receiving the correct prescriptions is becoming a larger and larger issue.  About 100,000 people over the age of 65 were taken to the emergency for adverse reactions to medications that were prescribed inaccurately.  Medications can act differently in seniors due to the fact that, as people age, internal organs, like the liver and kidneys can change.

The best thing both doctors and patients can do to help reduce these numbers, is to spend more time discussing the reason the drugs are being prescribed and what side effects those drugs may have.  Having several family members and friends that are seniors, Joe Robach has long been committed to educating seniors about medications and also making sure those meds are affordable.

In New York State, the EPIC program for prescription drugs allows seniors to save a significant amount of money on their annual prescription drug costs.  In order to be eligible, a senior must: be a NYS resident age 65 and older, have an annual income below $35,000 if single or $50,000 if married, be enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in Medicare Part D, and not be receiving full Medicaid benefits.  Joe Robach has continued to vote for funding increases to EPIC as it is an important program for seniors and there is a clear need for the program.  If you are interested in learning more about EPIC, please log onto