Joe Robach Helps Pay Tribute to Seniors in May

As many people prepare for the coming over summer, May represents Older Americans Month we well.  For 50 years, May has been the month we celebrate older adults across the nation. You could say that Older Americans Month is coming of age. This year’s theme—“Unleash the Power of Age”—emphasizes older Americans’ potential for energy and activism and urges them to embrace it.  Joe Robach believes our seniors are one of our most important resources.  They represent a vast amount of experience and  knowledge .  They also represent the greatest generation our nation has ever had.

According to the Administration on Aging, there is no better way to honor and celebrate Older Americans Month than to participate in volunteer activities in and around the community, attend possible speaking engagements involving individuals from that particular generation to gain a greater knowledge of their past, engage is a community sports activity.  The stronger and more energized we are in later life, the more we can do to unleash the power of age in our communities. Exercise helps older Americans stay in shape and improves the quality of life at all ages, and being active as a community promotes well-being for all and helps get people involved.   Joe Robach believes the best way to pay tribute to our seniors is to simply spend time with either a family member or a senior in your community. Often times seniors just enjoy being able to tell their stories to a new generation.

If you think someone in your community has excelled while aging, there is a nomination process to have a select few honored nationally.  Nominees must be at least 60 years old and reside in a U.S. state or territory. Nominees should be actively engaged and committed members of their communities. Their community involvement (through work or volunteerism) must have a significant and positive impact on the community. Nominees should be positive role models who can inspire other older adults to continue to be active, vital members of their communities. Joe Robach encourages everyone to nominate a senior they believe has played an active role in the community and who they believe is worth of this honor.