Joe Robach and the Republican Senate have recently passed a piece of legislation which would crack down on the black market of prescription drugs which puts patients at risk and rips off Senior taxpayers through Medicaid fraud. This legislation was sponsored by Senator Kemp Hannon and makes it a crime to sell and buy medications not being prescribed by a practicing doctor. By helping to fight this growing concern, Joe Robach believes this will help seniors who are currently struggling with rising pharmaceutical costs. By eliminating fraud, seniors will not see such a large fluctuation in cost of their medications.

As we have seen with much more frequency in the last few years, seniors have now resorted to selling their prescriptions just to make ends meet. Often times with the rising costs of prescription drugs, seniors will also just not purchase their medications in order to use those funds for food or housing. Joe Robach understands the need for seniors to have more affordable prescription drugs. It is extremely important that New York State continues to crack down on the illegal distribution and possession of prescription drugs so that seniors will be able to afford them.

Joe Robach has been a longtime advocate of seniors and has always believed that we as a society much do what is necessary so seniors can remain in their homes and their quality of life does not diminish. This piece of legislation is currently being sent to the New York State Assembly for a vote. As costs continue to rise throughout the country, Senator Joe Robach strongly believes we must ensure those costs are not passed down to our senior population. Joe Robach believes by allowing seniors to age in their homes, and keeping costs down, it will both improve their quality of life, and will save millions of dollars for our state and country.