Today, Senator Joe Robach of Rochester and Senate leadership unveiled a plan called the Family Tax Relief Act, designed to help both families and seniors. The most important portion of this bill is the restoration of the STAR Rebate Property Tax Rebate Checks to both middle class families and senior citizens. The STAR Tax Rebate Checks were cut by the Democratic led Senate in 2009. Joe Robach understands how important these checks were to families and believes the biggest blow was dealt to seniors. Don’t forget, many of these people are currently paying the highest property taxes in the country. This is a way to lessen the burden on not only the working class, but the senior population as well.

By restoring the STAR Tax Rebate Checks, there would be an additional $1.3 billion in tax relief. The average statewide rebate check would be $445. The average enhanced STAR rebate check for seniors would be $460. In a time when many seniors are being taxed out of their homes and working families are struggling to make ends meet, Joe Robach and the entire Senate majority understand just how important this tax relief would be to so many people in our state.

This recent proposal is one that would build on many positive steps that have been taken in the last few years to help bring relief to the taxpayers of New York State. The 2% Tax Cap which was passed in Governor Cuomo’s first year office, was a major move in the right direction. This legislation helped to put the brakes on increasing property taxes. There was also legislation in 2011 that cut which gave the overwhelming majority of residents in New York State the lowest tax rates in over fifty years. Senator Joe Robach knows times continue to be difficult for seniors and is currently working with Senate colleagues to help ease the tax burden on our largest segment of the population.