Joe Robach Helps Promote Empire State Senior Games

Registration is underway for the 2013 Empire State Senior Games. The Empire State Senior Games is an planned sports and leisure program for those age 50 and older which provides recreational opportunities, encourages fitness as a life-long activity, promotes the positive image of seniors, combines sports and games with fitness, fun and fellowship, and advocates true competition in its purest form.  Joe Robach has been a long time supporter of the Empire State Senior Games and believes the secret to longevity is to stay active throughout our lives.

This year, the Senior Games will fun from June 2-9, 2013 in Cortland, NY.  Participants must be at least 50 years of age on or before December 31, 2013, and a New York State Resident.  There are 9 age categories: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90+.  Joe Robach encourages not only his constituents who are seniors, but all seniors of Monroe County to register for this outstanding event.  To register, log onto or contact their main office at 1-800-859-2227.

Some of the events included in this years Empire State Senior Games include: The Triathalon, Golf, Pickleball, Shuffleboard, Badminton, Bowling, a 5k Road Race, Tennis, Archery, Raquetball, Cycling, and Ping Pong.  There are currently two options for lodging while in Cortland.  Participants my use the Residence Halls at Suny Cortland.  The fee is $32.00 per night for a single room, or $27.00 per night for a double room.  Participants also have the option of staying at the host hotel, Country Inn & Suites with a nightly cost of $109 per person.  As someone who has been a longtime advocate for seniors in the Rochester community, Joe Robach has long admired seniors who prepare and train for these games.  Joe Robach hopes someday he has the ability to partake in the Empire State Senior Games.


Joe Robach Helps Raise Awareness For Senior Hunger

In Monroe County, March has been designated as the month to “Raise Awareness of Senior Hunger.”  Today, Wednesday, March 20, 2013, Meals On Wheels and Senator Joe Robach are participating in the debut of “March for Meals Jeans Day” for seniors.  Joe Robach has and will continue to fight to ensure seniors are receiving the proper nutrition.  Across the country, 8.3 million seniors in the United States face the threat of hunger. In Monroe County, we currently have more than 150 seniors waiting for subsidized, home delivered meals.  This is a problem that can be, and will be resolved here in Rochester.

For many which are considered part of the Greatest Generation, senior hunger is an issue in which many individuals are too proud to admit they are struggling with.  Often times the senior may not even tell his or her family as they would almost feel as if they are letting down their sons or daughters.  We as a society must ensure that seniors are getting the proper nutrition their bodies need, and we must figure out different ways to bring the issue to the limelight. Today, “March for Meals Jeans Day,” is a giant step in the right direction, but it’s not enough.

Today, many organization throughout Monroe County are will be involved in March for Meals Jeans Day.  Employees within the organization may purchase a “March for Meals” sticker for a suggested donation of $5.00, which will also enable that particular employee to wear jeans or casual clothing to work.  Throughout his many years of public service, Joe Robach has witnessed firsthand just how much of an issue senior hungry truly is, not only here in New York State, but throughout the Country.  For every $1,000 raised today, an additional 200 meals can be served to low-income seniors in Monroe County.  Joe Robach is committed to helping improve the lives of the many seniors here in Monroe County.


Joe Robach and the Republican Senate have recently passed a piece of legislation which would crack down on the black market of prescription drugs which puts patients at risk and rips off Senior taxpayers through Medicaid fraud. This legislation was sponsored by Senator Kemp Hannon and makes it a crime to sell and buy medications not being prescribed by a practicing doctor. By helping to fight this growing concern, Joe Robach believes this will help seniors who are currently struggling with rising pharmaceutical costs. By eliminating fraud, seniors will not see such a large fluctuation in cost of their medications.

As we have seen with much more frequency in the last few years, seniors have now resorted to selling their prescriptions just to make ends meet. Often times with the rising costs of prescription drugs, seniors will also just not purchase their medications in order to use those funds for food or housing. Joe Robach understands the need for seniors to have more affordable prescription drugs. It is extremely important that New York State continues to crack down on the illegal distribution and possession of prescription drugs so that seniors will be able to afford them.

Joe Robach has been a longtime advocate of seniors and has always believed that we as a society much do what is necessary so seniors can remain in their homes and their quality of life does not diminish. This piece of legislation is currently being sent to the New York State Assembly for a vote. As costs continue to rise throughout the country, Senator Joe Robach strongly believes we must ensure those costs are not passed down to our senior population. Joe Robach believes by allowing seniors to age in their homes, and keeping costs down, it will both improve their quality of life, and will save millions of dollars for our state and country.


Today, Senator Joe Robach of Rochester and Senate leadership unveiled a plan called the Family Tax Relief Act, designed to help both families and seniors. The most important portion of this bill is the restoration of the STAR Rebate Property Tax Rebate Checks to both middle class families and senior citizens. The STAR Tax Rebate Checks were cut by the Democratic led Senate in 2009. Joe Robach understands how important these checks were to families and believes the biggest blow was dealt to seniors. Don’t forget, many of these people are currently paying the highest property taxes in the country. This is a way to lessen the burden on not only the working class, but the senior population as well.

By restoring the STAR Tax Rebate Checks, there would be an additional $1.3 billion in tax relief. The average statewide rebate check would be $445. The average enhanced STAR rebate check for seniors would be $460. In a time when many seniors are being taxed out of their homes and working families are struggling to make ends meet, Joe Robach and the entire Senate majority understand just how important this tax relief would be to so many people in our state.

This recent proposal is one that would build on many positive steps that have been taken in the last few years to help bring relief to the taxpayers of New York State. The 2% Tax Cap which was passed in Governor Cuomo’s first year office, was a major move in the right direction. This legislation helped to put the brakes on increasing property taxes. There was also legislation in 2011 that cut which gave the overwhelming majority of residents in New York State the lowest tax rates in over fifty years. Senator Joe Robach knows times continue to be difficult for seniors and is currently working with Senate colleagues to help ease the tax burden on our largest segment of the population.


With the cold weather upon us, Joe Robach’s office has a few helpful tips for seniors in order to stay warm and safe.

Don’t stay outside too long. The cold weather can be nice, although if you stay outside too long it can be hazardous to your health causing you to have frostbite or even hypothermia. Go in and out in order to keep yourself warm and avoid any harm to your body.

Check the weather beforehand. Certain details like the low of the day and whether it will snow or rain, can help you figure out how to dress and what kind of activities to plan.

Check the weather forecast for the whole week, so you can be prepared for the cold days in advance. The cold weather can be nice, although if you stay outside too long it can be hazardous to your health causing you to have frostbite or even hypothermia.

Think about the activities you’re doing. Choose your activities wisely. Try to do things that won’t be affected by the cold weather. For example, anything indoors is fine including going to the movies or bowling. You could also do things that involve the cold weather, such as ice skating.

Dress appropriately. If you’re going to be out in the extreme cold, wear as much warm clothing as possible. Try to dress in layers so that you can add or remove clothes throughout the day. If it’s not too cold, then you can just take clothes off rather than good items of clothing for the cold weather might include:

• Thermals. You can buy thermal clothing simply wear them under your clothes. Thermals are great for layers and extreme cold. Long socks or leg warmers. These will keep your legs warm more closely, rather than just wearing pants and ordinary socks. Plus, nobody will see them when you wear pants.• Jackets. A good, thick zip up jacket is perfect for cold weather. It’s warm, but also easy to put on and off. Other accessories such as gloves, scarves and beanies are essential due to a majority of your body heat is released from your head.

Be prepared for all conditions. • If you are outside remember to wear shoes with excellent grip for icy and slippery conditions. • Wear mittens and long thick socks. These protect your hands and feet from the cold, which are the hardest places to keep warm blood flowing during cold weather conditions • If you’re dressed for work, going to the gym, or have to wait for outside for transportation then wearing a polar fleece or sweatshirt that zips on works great. They zip on and off quickly and don’t have to worry about getting too hot or cold.

For more information or tips for seniors, contact the office of Joe Robach.