Joe Robach endorses Legislation to Help Seniors

Recently, Senator Joe Robach and The New York State Senate passed legislation to simplify the process for seniors and other homeowners to apply for their STAR property tax exemption. This legislation would eliminate the mandate that senior citizens must show proof of income each year for their exemption. Joe Robach fully supports this legislation to help seniors and understands the state must continue to simplify many of their processes. Instead of the responsibility being on the senior, this bill will now place the responsibility on the taxing authority.

Removing this layer of buracracy will allow more seniors to control and manage their own finances. Many seniors in Monroe County have claimed for years something had to be done to eliminate this level of government. Senator Robach will continue to working on behalf of the many seniors in his district to ensure their voices are being heard in state government.

Another bill that is currently being discussed in the senate (S3576) would allow local tax assessors to accept late applications for all exemptions without penalty. They would be able to accept paperwork up to the last day that a taxpay can pay the first half of their taxes. For too long, many residents in New York have argued that our state has far to many deadlines which result in residents becoming confused and not filing paperwork on time. This legislation eliminates the confusing deadlines, and enables taxpayers to receive all the tax relief they are eligible for.

Until that bills is passed, the current deadline for all paperwork must be submitted by March 1st.  If residents do not have the necessary paperwork filed for their STAR exemptions, they would not be able to get it for their 2013 tax bill.  There are three levels of the STAR exemption.  First, there is basic STAR which most residents receive.  The other is the Senior STAR which if you make over roughly $30k per year and are 65 years of age or older, you receive this.  Finally, there is enhanced STAR for residents over 65 years old and make less than $30k per year.