Joe Robach Informs Seniors About Weatherization Assistance Program

As the summer continues to wind down, Senator Joe Robach and the New York State Senate have continued to fund the Weatherization Assistance program for adults and seniors to ensure residents have adequate heating and housing once the winter months hit out state.  The goal of this program is to assists income-eligible families and individuals by reducing their heating/cooling costs and improving the safety of their homes through energy efficiency measures.  Energy improvements fall into many categories including, air sealing (weather-stripping, caulking), wall and ceiling insulation, heating system improvements or replacement, efficiency improvements in lighting, hot water tank and pipe insulation, and refrigerator replacements with Energy Star rated units.  Senator Joe Robach will continue to work with the state senate to benefit both young families and seniors.

As stated prior, this program is open to all residents within the State of New York.  However, there is an income limit in which residents must fall under.  In order to participate, household incomes must be at or below 60% of state median income are eligible for assistance.  For a single resident, the 2012 annual income must at $25,752 or below.  For two people, the annual income must be $33,672 or below.  For more information regarding income eligibility, please refer to this link: INCOME ELIGIBILITY FOR WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM OF NEW YORK STATE.

This program is the largest program of its kind in the entire country.  The program receives funding from the U.S. Departments of Energy and Health and Human Services to provide weatherization services to income eligible households.  With our economy being in such disarray, and with so many families out of work along with so many seniors relying strictly on Social Security, Senator Joe Robach will continue to work with the state legislature and the federal government to ensure funding for the essential program continues, as it provides an irreplaceable benefit to seniors.

Please check with your local municipality for income requirements with their programs or contact the office of Joe Robach.