Joe Robach Helps Secure Funding for Hospitals and Nursing Homes to Aid Seniors

State Senator Joe Robach and the New York State Senate have recently helped secure roughly $11.2 million in grants to  hospitals and nursing homes in the Capital Region.  The entire objective of the grants is to improve patient care, reduce costs, and ensure that all New Yorkers have access a better quality of treatment than is currently available.

With such a large amount of money for a grant, roughly 40 hospitals and nursing homes will benefit. Senator Joe Robach has always been committed to providing seniors with the best possible health care options, at the most affordable price.  The grants to both hospitals and nursing homes,will help New York State implement recommendations which have been made from our Governor’s Medicaid Redesign Team, including enabling health care organizations to deliver more efficient, higher quality care through merging, restructuring and realigning many different divisions.

Senator Joe Robach has a history of working with different Governors, and with the other side of the aisle, to make sure that money which is being allocated to benefit seniors, has been used in the most effective, and efficient way.  The grant money in which Senator Robach just helped secure, will help in the conversion of hospital inpatient space to outpatient and ambulatory care and inpatient nursing home capacity to other less-restrictive forms of long term care. 

Like any region in New York State, Monroe County has been hit hard with the ever increasing costs of insurance and medicine.  Senator Joe Robach knows the burden is even heavier on seniors and will continue to work with both sides of the aisle to ensure that everything that can be done for seniors, is being done.  The New York State Senate also recently helped secure enough funding for the senior prescription drug program EPIC, which has been reinstated in the 2012-2013 budget.  EPIC is a program to aid lower-income New Yorkers with their costs of prescription drugs.