Joe Robach knows that few things are more frightening for seniors than a diagnosis of cancer.  As is often with chronic illness, education is the key to the fight against cancer.  By recognizing the symptoms of ovarian cancer, women can seek medical attention early. 

Joe Robach’s office can provide seniors and all women with information about ovarian cancer symptoms.   Some symptoms include feeling bloated; abdominal, pelvic or back pain; excessive fatigue or tiredness; and/or frequent or urgent urination.  One reason that ovarian cancer can be diagnosed at a late stage is that the symptoms can be vague or sometimes ignored or overlooked by women and their health care providers.  IT is important that a women see her doctor if she has these symptoms for a month or more. 

Joe Robach encourage high-risk woman to talk to their doctors about screening for ovarian cancer.  Ovaries can be examined with a pelvic ultrasound and a substance called a biomarker can be measured in a blood sample.  However, other non-cancerous condition as can also cause an increase in CA-125, so a cancer diagnosis cannot be made from this test alone.     Unfortunately, there is not yet a general screening test for women at average yet.  However, there is a great deal of research underway. 

Joe Robach encourages women and seniors to contact the SHARE hotline for more information.  The SHARE hotline is a self-help support group for women affected by breast or ovarian cancer.  For more information on SHARE, visit them on the internet at or call 866-891-2392.