Joe Robach Aids Seniors Against Identity Theft

Joe Robach continues to ensure that New York State does all it can to help in protecting seniors against identitfy theft. Identity theft, which is also our country’s fastest growing crime, is a violation of privacy that can have terrible consequences for the victims in which it affects. Joe Robach has, and will continue, to work the other legislator in the New York State Senate to help both seniors and the youth fight this type of crime.

WIth the continuous improvements of technology, this also increases the availability of personal information on the internet, increased use of credit cards, and has caused countless people in our country and around the world to loose their strong financial standing and credit ratings. Joe Robach understands that many times seniors are the target of many of these criminal acts of identity theft and more education and awareness must be made available to the public. People must be aware of not only the many different ways people may try to steal their identity, but what can be done to prevent it from happening them.

Many times people may try to obtain personal information by the following ways:

-Stealing a person’s wallet or purse,
-Search through a person’s trash at home or work to obtain bank statements, credit card bills, or other documents containing personal information
-May pose as a landlord, an employer, or others who might need this information about you.

Some ways you can prevent indentity theft from happening to you:

-Do not give out personal information without ensuring you know who is asking for that information.
-Properly shred or discard important documents such as credit card bills, bank statments or other important personal documents.
-Only give out your Social Security number

-Contact an employee from a financial institution to see advice on whether or not to use a third party company to have constant surveillance of your identity to prevent theft of your personal information.