Joe Robach of Rochester, NY knows that elder abuse is a very prevalent problem in the senior community.   In general, elder abuse refers to any knowing negligent act by a caregiver or any other person causing harm to a senior citizen.  Elder abuse occurs in every social group and in every area of the world.  In many cases, the perpetrator gains the trust of the victims and, very often, the perpetrator ends up being a friend, neighbor or even a family member.  

To make sure friends and family are safe,   individuals should know the signs of elder abuse.  Signs include:  unexplained bruises, falls fractures, grip marks, pain swelling or welts; malnourishment, bedsores, soiled clothes, over sedation, lack of medical attention or equipment despite available funds; depression and hopelessness; and/or financial exploitation.  It is important to note that each case of elder abuse is entirely different.   It is important to remember to be alert.  Victims of elder abuse often suffer in silence. 

Joe Robach wants seniors who feel like they might be a victim of elder abuse or expect someone they love of being abused to get help.  In New York State, people can contact the Office of the Aging. 

Legislatures in all 50 states, including New York State, have passed some form of elder abuse prevention laws. For more information on laws passed in New York State, contact Joe Robach’s office.