Joe Robach (Rochester, NY) has always been a strong supporter of enacting stronger penalties against attacks on seniors/elderly.  A big push for stiffer penalties came back in 2007 when a local man was convicted of abusing two senior citizens in the City of Rochester.  Also, around the same time, there were two brutal attacks in Downstate New York (Rose Morat, a 101-year-old Queens woman who was mugged on her way to church. The same attacker is also suspected of beating and mugging 85-year-old Solange Elizee just a half hour later.)   A person capable of committing these types of crimes are dangerous menaces to society who should be kept behind bars for as long as possible.  To this end, Joe Robach has championed many efforts to protect our seniors and elderly population as well as the most vulnerable members of our community.

One bill, Joe Robach supports, which would protect our senior population, is S.4398.  Specifically, this bill would provide that those who commit serious crimes against elderly persons 62 years of age or older or the physically disabled must be sentenced to prison and would face reduced opportunities for a plea bargain.   This bill focuses on those crimes against the elderly and disabled which involve the use of force, fear coercion, or violence.  More specifically, this bill would make penalties against seniors (persons older than 62) required for the crimes of menacing, unlawful imprisonment, and grand larceny.  Plea bargaining, already restricted for class A and B felonies, is further restricted for those accused of the class C felony of victimizing the elderly in the second degree.   This legislation is important because it establishes meaningful deterrents for those who prey upon the elderly, including juveniles and youthful offenders.  Supporting this legislation is one way that Joe Robach of Rochester, NY is trying to protect our seniors.