Recently, fighting for seniors, Senator Joe Robach, along with Senate Republican leadership, proposed the restoration of the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program (EPIC) funding in the 2012-2013 Senate budget resolution.  As many know, EPIC is one of the most beneficial programs for our senior population.  It offers financial assistance for prescription drug coverage.  Since nearly everyone over the age of 75 needs some type of prescription drug and or/are on a fixed income– this program is certainly critical and vital to most families.

Prescription drug costs, like all areas of health care, are soaring and EPIC has become essential for seniors looking to live a good quality life.  The New York State Senate proposal would restore the funding that had been cut in the current year’s (FY 2011-2012) budget.  Senator Joe Robach, always a strong advocate of senior citizens issues, has strongly believed throughout his tenure that it is necessary to provide this program to our senior population.  Senator Joe Robach knows that the Legislature should do all that it can to reallocate the funding for this essential program for seniors.   His long term objective has been to protect the quality of life for seniors and what better way than to restore and protect the EPIC program.  Senator Joe Robach’s proposal would give 45,000 New Yorkers co-payment assistance through the EPIC program.

Now EPIC participants are paying about 25% of their prescription drug costs without any copayment assistance from the EPIC program. This is a significantly different from 2010, when participants were paying roughly twenty dollars to have their prescriptions filled.  Joe Robach knows this and is protecting our senior citizens by proposing the EPIC restoration.  Joe Robach will continue to do what is right and protect our senior citizens.  The Rochester senior citizens community needs to stand beside Joe Robach and help to restore the EPIC program.